HTK Marketing Services offers a variety of integrated marketing and communications services to help get you to where you want to be.  Because of our years of experience with a variety of marketing and communications segments, we can connect the links between each piece and see how it all fits together to provide winning communications campaigns.

  • Communications: Write and edit marketing collateral messaging, design and content, including: press releases, media surveys/rankings, website, social media content, brochures, advertisements, proposals, articles, presentations, and internal and external newsletters.  Set up and manage telemarketing campaigns.  Click here to download our integrated marketing approach.
  • Public Relations/Media: Craft customized PR campaigns for your organization.  Implement proactive PR and media strategies, such as media roundtables with specific media targets.  Create social media outreach plans and utilize a variety of social media channels to achieve results and expand outreach to target markets.  Coach executives in the organization and help them prepare for speaking engagements and media interviews.
  • Strategic Planning and Budgets: Provide strategic guidance and tactical support, including business development strategic plans and oversee marketing budgets. Advise on implementation strategies to achieve goals within budget constraints.
  • Proposals: Manage proposals  including creation and management of templates, leading planning meetings, contacting executives for additional information, and proofreading and editing.  We can help you set up a proposal system that you can manage yourselves internally with minimal time and effort.
  • Event Management: Manage industry events locally, nationally and internationally, including budget, event follow-up strategy and mechanisms, ROI analysis and reporting, design and production of event collateral and presentation materials, event promotion, media invitations, and related event management.  You can hire us for a one-time event or longer term if you need us to set up a comprehensive event campaign.
  • Training: Conduct marketing and business development training on topics such as building your network, communication skills, networking tips, productivity and time management and using social media for business.
  • Vendor Relations: Work with vendors to reach defined goals in required timeframes, including design firms, printers, and other contractors.

Contact us for pricing on the services you need for your business and we’ll put together a customized proposal so you don’t pay more for things you don’t need.  Speaking engagements start at $250 per hour or $500 for a half day training session and $1,000 for a full day training session.  All other services are priced based on a one hour complimentary session where we learn more about your business and determine your greatest needs.

Thank you for your consideration!